AS AN Organization/NGO

Contribute with your expertise to promote inclusive entrepreneurship for a diverse and innovative economy in Switzerland.

Let's come together

Building a network plays a key role in feeling connected and involved. Events of any form can be useful here to promote community, a network and a sense of togetherness. SINGA is open to ideas in this regard and looks forward to your suggestions.

Use our open source toolkit

Do you plan to develop an inclusive entrepreneurship or mentoring program? Or do you already offer activities in the same field as SINGA and are looking for new inspiration or resources? Then take advantage of the SINGA Toolkit, which we offer free of charge! Additional SINGA support can be provided upon request and with different pricing models.

It's time to play

Through various fun activities and games, your community can learn exciting things about entrepreneurship! SINGA offers different formats to get your community enthusiastic about the topic and improve their entrepreneurial skills, which are also useful for other areas of life.

Fundraise with us

Does your organization have a similar vision as we do: an inclusive society, where everyone has access to the same opportunities to fulfill their potential? Then let’s use our collective strength to raise funds together for common goals and missions.