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SINGA is a non-profit organization and is largely supported by foundations, private and public institutions. However, in order to fulfill our mission, we also rely on financial contributions from private donors. SINGA is tax-exempt as it is recognized as a non-profit association by the cantonal tax office of Geneva. A tax-deductible donation receipt is automatically issued for all donations of CHF 50 or more.

SINGA is a tax-exempt association that is recognized as a program of national importance by the Swiss Secretary of Migration and aims to offer entrepreneurship as an innovative and viable way to include the skills and potentials from people with refugee and migrant experiences in the Swiss local economy. Since 2017, the entrepreneurship programs runned by SINGA complied proven results : each year, 3 people out 10 will found their own business and 2 people out of 10 will find a job while conducting their market research, this allowing them to contribute equally to the local Swiss economy. Over 40 businesses have already been created through the programs and 10 projects are currently starting to create employment.

The limited professional inclusion of people with refugee background in Switzerland

SINGA is contributing to the federal Agenda on Integration as well as the recent objective to double the professional inclusion of people coming from Ukraine to Switzerland. There are currently 103 765* people living in Switzerland with recognized refugee status that could potentially be active in the job market. The reality is very different: 59 %* of B refugee permit holders (85% in Geneva and 47% in Zurich) and 54%* F refugee permit holders (74% in Geneva and 50% in Zurich) of working age are currently unemployed

This number remains critically high for the recent arrivals coming from Ukraine in the country: at the national level, 82%* of the S permit holders of working age remain unemployed more than a year after their arrival in Switzerland (93% in Geneva, 81 % in Zurich). This sums up to a total of 68 404 people of working age with refugee experience that are currently unemployed. *SEM (2023) 

Who are you supporting when donating to SINGA

People joining SINGA typically have already spent around 5 to 6 years looking for a job without results or they are employed in a position that does not match their qualifications. Accessing their next professional opportunity is usually a long process, even more so for participants supported by social welfare. This situation is not only linked to the language barrier, the lack of  recognition of diplomas and the uncertainty associated with their permit, but also the difficulty to build a strong eye-level professional network and access to actionable tools, advice and practices to realise their potential and bring their professional confidence back. 

At SINGA, most of the participants had high-qualified jobs and around 40% of them had entrepreneurship experience in their country of origin. More than 60% of participants are women and 80% are parents. The majority of projects supported also have a strong social or environmental impact and are active in various sectors such as tech and finance, gastronomy and retail as well as education and wellbeing

How your donation is making an impact: 

-> With 100 chf, you enable SINGA to support five people with refugee or migrant experience getting valuable feedback, network connections and resources through our Helpdesk open weekly sessions.

-> With 200 chf, you enable one participant to conduct a feasibility study in the incubator by covering their participant costs.

-> With 500 chf, you enable one past participant of the incubator who is close to founding their business or in their first year of activity to get access to our Bridge program (mentoring support and 1:1 sessions on legal aspects, taxes and financials for 3 months).


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