Contribute with your expertise to promote inclusive entrepreneurship for a diverse and innovative economy in Switzerland.

You can collaborate with us as

Photo / Videographer

Showcase through your lens

Please note that the support of the activities of SINGA are free of charge. 
Premises can be made available and travel expenses can be reimbursed.

SINGA offers a large network of experts and exciting people from which you can benefit as well.

One-to-one supporter

Share your expertise! As one-to one supporter you provide participants with specific expertise (in finance, marketing, legal aspects, etc.) to build and implement their business/project strategies. You will support in one-to-one sessions and determine your own time commitment.

Workshop leader

Become part of the incubator program! With the support of the SINGA team, you will prepare and deliver an approx. 2 hours workshop on a specific topic. After the workshop, participants implement what they have learned in a coworking session, joined by other supporters. Your time commitment is half a day plus preparation time.


Experience the journey! As mentor you become part of one participant’s entrepreneurial journey. You support with your own experience as entrepreneur/professional and share your (professional) network. The time commitment is at least twice a month a two hours meeting over minimum eight months.


Spread the word! Create significant impact by writing about SINGA’s visions, activities, and exciting stories of the entrepreneurs and share it with the world!

Photographer / Videographer

Showcase through your lens! Join us at workshops and events to take pictures or to record SINGA participants’ exciting journey!