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The SINGA incubator is designed specifically for people with refugee and migrant backgrounds who want to start their own business in Switzerland. SINGA runs a two phase incubator program in Zurich and Geneva.  Let’s start with your project !

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Want to start your own business in Switzerland ?
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Welcome to our incubator !
Phase 1 will lead you to analyze your motivation, validate your idea and present your business feasibility!

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During the phase 2, you will consolidate your idea and learn to communicate it! 

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Want to start your own business in Switzerland ? If you fulfill our application criteria, you will be invited to a 1 ½ days selection boot camp and get feedback from expert.  The selection criteria are based on entrepreneurial mindset, motivation and teamwork.


Selection process

1. Apply

Check our “Who can apply” section. If you fulfill the criteria you can apply using the form below for Zurich or Geneva (~ 30min).

2. Convince

You will be invited to a 1 ½ days selection boot camp where you will solve various tasks individually as well as in teams and get feedback from experts about your idea.

3. Get selected

Assessors together with SINGA will select the participants and let you know about the decision. The selection criteria are based on entrepreneurial mindset, motivation and teamwork.

Who can apply


People from non-EU/EFTA/UK countries or with a project idea to support people with refugee backgrounds. 

EU/EFTA/UK citizens can participate if they team up with the target group.


Minimum a B1 level in German (in Zurich) / French (in Geneva) is necessary. 

If you do not speak the local language but English on a B1 level or higher you can participate if you find translation support.


People with a F-, B- C- or S-Permit can take part. 

Unfortunately, in Switzerland people with N-permit are not allowed to found a business, but could join the incubator if they have team members with the mentioned permits.

Time commitment

The required time commitment is 15-20 hours per week.

– 5 hours workshop and coworking on one afternoon (ZH: Tuesday /GVA: Thursday)

– 6-11 hours independent work time to implement learnings and inputs

– In the SINGA Factory + 4 hours of meetings with experts and your mentor.

Cost (Participants)

With SINGA the costs of the incubator depends on your situation:
Administration fees: CHF 100.-
+ CHF 50.-/month for limited income or CHF 100.-/month for regular income.

Please contact the SINGA team if the fees would be a barrier for you! We always find solutions!


If you are supported by social welfare or an unemployment fund, then the institution should pay for the program costs.
The total cost of the program (including all incubator program offers, mentoring and SINGA Business) is CHF 15,000.- per participant. If this amount cannot be fully covered, SINGA can find a solution with the institution.

The entrepreneurs' success is
what makeS SINGA's Impact!


Incubator program

PHASE 1 : ideation lab

The first phase of the incubator – a two-month program with weekly interactive workshops and coworking sessions – where you take the initial steps required to develop your business/project idea and test it.

1. Analyze

You will take part in an intense kick-off week where you will get to the bottom of your motivation to implement your business/project idea. You will also clarify your vision and mission and learn about the core tools in your SINGA journey.

2. Validate

Over two months, you will test and research the feasibility of your business/project idea through different tools and methods in workshops, coworking sessions and individual working time.

3. Presentate

In the last week of the Ideation Lab you will present the results of your feasibility research in front of experts and a jury which decides together with the SINGA team who will advance to the second phase of the incubator – the SINGA Factory.


The second phase of the incubator – a four-month program with weekly interactive workshops and coworking sessions – where you develop your product or service further and prepare the launch of your business/project. Parallel with the SINGA Factory you will take part in the mentoring program.

1. Consolidate

In order to effectively consolidate your business/project idea you will receive tools and methods to work on your communication strategy and your brand image.

2. Review

In the summer break (mid July – mid August) there are no workshops planned but you will use the time to work on your branding together with your mentor and experts.

3. Communicate

After the break you dig into finances and legal aspects and refine your pitching skills and learn how to communicate and present your idea to different audiences.


Incubator program

Over a period of at least eight months (parallel to the SINGA Factory and four months beyond), each participant is accompanied by an expert who offers individual support at eye level and shares its (professional) network.

1. Get a match

Together with SINGA your needs will be defined and you will be matched with a fitting mentor. In a first meeting you and your mentor will fix objectives, achievements, and how you would like to organize yourselves.

2. Meet

During eight months, you will have regular meetings (at least twice a month) with your mentor who supports you strategically, gives you inputs and connects you with a (professional) network.

3. Analyse

In the remaining four months after the incubator you will analyze together with your mentor about next steps regarding needs, implementation and establishment of your business/project idea.

Application form for the 2023 SINGA incubator program in Geneva

Please kindly note that the application process will take about one hour.

The first program is the SINGA Ideation Lab, a 2-month program to test and validate your business idea.
Upon successful completion of the Ideation Lab, you will have the opportunity to join the SINGA Factory, the 4-months program where you can develop and implement your business idea.

The online application process will require about one hour. If you wish to participate as a team, please select one person to fill out this application. He/she will be the contact person for SINGA, but other active team members can also participate in the program.
The application process will be followed by a Bootcamp Session.

Thank you for your application! We will get back to you after the deadline of February 19th, 2023.